Nupitals by Priyanka Pandey concretely understands the enormity of a Mandap which is one of the most significant arrangement of the wedding, as it is the space, which like all, should be not less than perfect. We design mandaps to create this corner of the wedding astounding, that is going to be the witness of the Seven rounds Seven vows and the union of two souls.

Sublime Mandap Decoration Background

Nupitals mandap decoration for marriage strives to provide a personal touch of elegance and making it an unforgettable day where our mandap are absolute type of setup and with the enchanting mandap décor that exquisite moment gets accentuated.

Our mandap design base, makes the ceremonial vedi blessed, in the presence of all the family members, friends, and all. Being the sacred space with a huge significance, where you mark the beginning of your new life with your soulmate, that is why it becomes much important to draw it in a highlighting space.

Splendid mandap decoration ideas

Nupitals by Priyanka Pandey has given smile on several faces with its stunning mandap décor ideas to ensure that you have the dreamiest seven circumambulations, these ideas include the follows:

  • Twined Pastel blossoms satiates the spring vibes with the floral canopy, archways, flora chandeliers, and many other mandap decoration items, which accentuates the overall look, and explores the theme of the marriage.
  • Fanatic poolside Pheras is an ideal choice for the destination wedding décor where the local elements flow into yours. With the floating water front setup, under the clean blue-sky chants of the mantras tying the two souls with each other.
  • Royal Imperial mandap is the perfect décor idea where we bring all the royal elements together with the dome structures, royal seating and all mandap decoration items.
  • Open mandaps with a dash of magnificence is the spectacular mandap design base which is perfectly suited for the core themes of an open set mandap.
  • A lavish green background! Where the green mandap decoration background are always mesmerizing. As green works tremendous as the green backdrop tone as it is the symbolic color of our friendship with the nature. Our team creates the spectacular mandap design base that works brilliantly well with the wedding theme and vision.
  • Getting hitched under a sky of flora! Is the lovely mandap decoration idea which adds freshness and elegance to all setup, where they look amazing in both day and night.
  • For the fairy tale theme wedding, the mandap entrance decoration is significantly needed to get attention as it says a lot out loud about the theme of your wedding.

Team of Nupitals

Our team of well-skilled professionals with the years of experience in the wedding décor industry delegates the décor responsibility and ensures that the mandap is ready perfectly on time for your Pheras. It is our responsibility to accentuate the venue and the ceremony with the magnificent decoration, since it is our key concern that everything should be done for the occasion to embellish.