For a couple, the perfect thing to cherish throughout the life is, their wedding, is the most endearing and significant event that always resides there, in their hearts.

Nupitals, being the prominent wedding decoration service provider, believes in delivering high quality services. Our extensive range of designs has been discovered to cater every kind of events the based on the theme.

Our creative and unique decoration is our forte, where with us you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of. The experienced in-house team of Nupitals would be there to assist you to create the set of your own choices as well where our services are focused on helping you accomplish that.

 Our Services

Nupitals is dedicated, with its services, to ensure you that the ideal sketch of your wedding into your mind is turned into a reality. A team of skilled and talented professionals, who are widely acknowledged for their professional outlook and polished arrangements.

Our Services includes:

  • Light Decoration
  • Flower Decoration
  • Stage Decoration
  • Stall Decoration
  • Mandap Decoration

Light Decoration

Wedding is the big thing, what can be more amusing than seeking the hand of your partner for forever while walking on the illuminated pathways. There is no surprise! That lightings are the key factor that makes a wedding a WOW! That plays a magnificent role in getting the wedding décor to look just perfect.

Lighting creates a mesmerizing ambience, where it has a huge impact on setting the mood and resonance of the wedding.


Flower Decoration

The surreal floral decoration in the wedding makes the venue more exception and peculiar, where with the vibrant and beautiful flowers, the still environment catchs the pace. In addition, the fragrance of the flowers instigates the balmy incense in the air.

Nupitals, with its each event, brims up the new and creative wedding décor ideas, and hence curates the unique and fresh trend. Where we create the heavenly wedding stage with the flowy flora blossoms, which add more life to the surrounding.


Stage Decoration

Wedding Stage Decoration is the extensively decked up stage décor, a stage is the most important part at a wedding, our eyes always are stick at that space where the man and the woman of the day are expected to be seen, eagerly by all the family members, friends, and all present there.

To set the right mood for the marriage, stage is the prime factor, where that space is expected to be completely mesmerizing.


Stall decoration

Nupitals with the plethora of distinguished wedding décor ideas makes the big day, most memorable and always ready to recall.

We always do something new and unique, creating the affective atmosphere with the innovative Stall décor ideas. It is the space where wedding guests are given the visual treat with the delicious feast.

Mandap Decoration

Mandap is the utter sacred corner where the bride and groom circumambulate around the pious fire and take seven vows. This is the corner which witnesses the most beautiful moments where the union of two souls takes place.

Nupitals by Priyanka Pandey is dedicated to make your wedding day the arresting and memorable. Get in touch with us, and we promise to accomplish your the day dream.